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USFS and BLM Campgrounds app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 1184 ratings )
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Developer: William Modesitt
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.9.94, last update: 1 month ago
First release : 03 Jun 2013
App size: 3.26 Mb

This app shows over 5,800 United States Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campgrounds throughout the USA. 

These types of campgrounds tend to be low cost or free. Each location displays the campground name, which agency administers it (BLM or USFS), the local weather, elevation, Internet images and searches of the campground, Flickr geotag search, info, and more. Easily locate the campgrounds nearest you. Send location data directly to our Road Trip Planner app. Map caching for offline use when using Open Street Maps.

Download PDF maps of many National Park Service parks and view them over the current map, even when offline.

Import routes from GPX files. This makes it much easier to find locations along your route.

- Show a route between your location and the campground.

Bonus! Includes over 480 KOA (Kampground of America) locations (if desired, these locations can be removed via the Filter).

Pros and cons of USFS and BLM Campgrounds app for iPhone and iPad

USFS and BLM Campgrounds app good for

This is a good app and has the potential to supply you with everything you need to find the right campground for you. But the list of existing campgrounds is not complete. Ive found that in CA, at least 10% (maybe more) of all existing campgrounds in the NF & BLM are not in this apps database. For example, where is Voyager Rock, Marmot Rock, or Trapper Springs campgrounds around Courtright Reservoir? And there are plenty of others also. Near Devils Postpile, there are 4 campgrounds and only 3 are listed here. Its a bummer when using this app to narrow down a campground, and in the back of your mind you know there are campgrounds not being listed.
This app is great for locating where the campgrounds are, however it would be nice to have types or lengths of spots.
I found this to be very helpful, simply to use and we love the direct links to all the added information

Some bad moments

Just bought this and checking it out and When you bring up a campground it has no info about sites. What kind there are, how many or what services is offered. Whether they are reservable or not, what type of RV can fit in the sites! That is what I wanted to find out about.
Thought the app would have had alot more information. If your looking for an app that just shows you the names and some basic info for a campground in a specific area this maybe for you. I would have like to have seen costs,amenities, etc. within the app instead of a link.
I thought this app would be helpful in providing locations and campground information. It has a few campgrounds on a map but no other information on them. There is an upgrade option in the app for what looks like the full version of this app, for $5.99. I was also hoping it would provide a map of BLM and USFS land, but it does not.
I was disappointed to see how many sites are missing. This could be a great site if the developers spent more time at the government sites completing the listing.
The wonderful BLM campground we are in right now is not listed!! That makes this whole app suspect!! UPDATE please!!
This app is very helpful in finding campgrounds on public lands. I found it very helpful